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How Debt Validation Programs Work

A debt validation program offers qualified applicants an affordable monthly payment to deal with all of their unsecured debts. Not one but fourteen federal laws can be used to dispute collection accounts on a validation program, including the FDCPA, FCRA, Credit Card Act, FCBA, and several others.



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Resolve your enrolled debts in 24-48 months* through our debt resolution program.

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Following enrollment you set-aside and save a fixed amount of money each month. The amount you save each month is determined during your initial consultation and is based on the total amount of debt you enroll. As your savings builds, we work with your creditors and collectors to reach agreeable settlements on each of your accounts. Once a creditor settlement has been negotiated you will be contacted to authorize it prior to payment. This process repeats until you are debt free!

The program is designed for anyone in financial hardship who is falling behind or having problems making minimum payments to creditors on their unsecured debts. You must have a minimum of $10,000 in total unsecured debt and a minimum of $500 of unsecured debt with each individual creditor.

The average time it takes for each client is 24-48 months; however, it really depends on your ability to save the funds that will satisfy the amount of your settled debts. The program length is an estimate and not a guaranteed time frame.

No! We work through your accounts one by one until they are all settled, collecting our fee as they go. As a general principle we don’t collect any fees until an account has been settled.


Why Choose USA Debt Validation?

At USA Debt Validation, we specialize in performance-based debt relief services with a primary focus on debt settlement. Our core approach involves negotiating new terms with your creditors to settle your outstanding debts for less than the total amount owed.

Our Vision

We aim to enhance people’s lives by progressively eliminating their debts, one by one, through our mission. Our vision is to emerge as a leading market player, offering comprehensive financial solutions and promoting financial literacy to every household across America.